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There are several alternatives to Google AdSense that you can explore for monetizing your website. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these alternatives can vary based on your niche, traffic, and audience. Here are some popular AdSense alternatives:

1. This platform is one of the largest contextual ad networks, and it powers the Yahoo! Bing Network. It offers a variety of ad types, including display, native, and mobile ads.

2. Amazon Associates: If your website focuses on products or has a strong e-commerce component, you can consider joining the Amazon Associates program. You earn a commission for every sale made through affiliate links on your site.

3. PropellerAds: PropellerAds offers various ad formats, including pop-unders, push notifications, and interstitial ads. It is known for its user-friendly interface and quick approval process.

4. Adversal: Adversal is an ad network that provides display banners, popunders, and other ad formats. They have a minimum traffic requirement for approval, so it might be more suitable for established websites.

5. Infolinks: Infolinks offers in-text advertising, in-fold, in-tag, and in-frame ads. It's a non-disruptive way to monetize your content by turning specific keywords into ad links.

6. Ezoic: Ezoic is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements and improve overall website performance.
7. BuySellAds: This platform connects publishers directly with advertisers. It allows you to sell ad space on your website directly, giving you more control over the ads displayed.

8. Revcontent: Revcontent is a content discovery platform that provides native advertising. It focuses on delivering quality content recommendations to users.

Before choosing an alternative, consider your website's niche, traffic volume, and the type of content you have. Additionally, always review the terms and conditions of any ad network to ensure it aligns with your website's policies. It may also be beneficial to test a combination of these alternatives to find the best fit for your specific situation.


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